Convenient Solutions For Commercial steamers

steam-cleanersThe Unilux 3000 Commercial Steam Cleaner is truly a fantastic images (18)steam cleaner to own for either residential or commercial use. This steam cleaner has many different uses. Commercial cleaning companies will appreciate the quality of this machine as will home owners.

This steam cleaner is used by restaurant owners, cleaning companies, hospitals, auto detailers and much more Using the Unilux 3000 will make cleaning so easy. You can clean: Windows, Kitchens, stoves, refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, microwaves, Bathrooms, toilets, sinks, tubs, stalls, floors, walls ,Baseboards, Children toys, bedding, blinds, rugs, Dog Houses, Grills, Furniture, Cars and Boats, Any hard to reach tight area that has built up dirt.

steam cleaner The lists of possibilities are endless. Steam cleaning has many different benefits. You can kill germs and bacteria with absolutely no chemical use! Odors are eliminated with direct contact. The Unilux is the machine to use for many reasons if the above are tasks you’re looking to accomplish.

Here is couple of reasons why this vaphqdefault (1)or clean is a must own:Low Cost for all its features, Large Reserve that allows for 2 hours plus of steady cleaning before refilling, Consistent Heat allowing for better efficient cleaning , Only 20 Pounds, Many different attachments , Lifetime Warranty on Boiler & Heating Elements.

A Guide To Commercial steamers

steam-cleanerThe janitorial business has expanded rapidly over the last ten years. Residential and commercial cleaning companies are maxresdefault (2)forming everyday and the competition is fierce. Assuring that you continue to remain competitive also means staying current with the hottest cleaning trends.

Steam cleaning has become an additional service that many professional cleaning companies have begun adding as an option. The benefits of cleaning with steam are tremendous. Steam cleaning disinfects and provides for a better end cleaning result. Choosing the best possible commercial steam cleaner is crucial when looking to add this additional service.

steam-cleanersThere are many commercial steam cleaners on the market and unless you have more than one machine you want to make sure the quality of the machine you purchase is strong so as to always be available to perform.

This article will briefly go over a few key features to consider when choosing a commercial steam cleaner. Boiler Material – The quality of a boiler will determine the longevity of the machine. May steamers are made with aluminum boilers making them lighter. Aluminum though does not tend to last as long as stainless steel.

Steamers are heating the water and also leave lime scale material behind that will eat away at aluminum compared to stainless steel. Though stainless steel will be slightly heavier, consider this over aluminum.